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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

Choose the #1 rated pet insurance company and support animal rescue – Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

We’ve all been there. Your baby is sick or injured and you’re sick just thinking about how much the bill is going to be. Of course you’re going to spend whatever it takes but a little peace of mind goes a long way. If you are going to take the leap and buy pet insurance do yourself a favor and go with a good company that will honor your claim quickly. Their plans have varying deductibles and percentage based coverage that you choose.

  • Consistently #1 in Customer Satisfaction by Pet Parents & 3rd Parties
  • Chosen by 90% of Consumers Advocate visitors
  • Most Comprehensive Illness and accident coverage

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance covers everything that matters including injuries, illnesses, genetic conditions, and emergency care. With unlimited lifetime benefits, protect your pet with the #1 customer-rated pet insurance plan! Get a free quote and let Healthy Paws pay your vet bills while you care for your pet.

Before you buy search the web using “healthy paws promo code” to find discount codes to include when you request a quote. There’s usually one for 10% available.

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