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Welcome to 4paws4you. For so many years I have come across really important information every pet owner should have access to and a lot of fun stuff sent to me from rescue volunteers all across the country. I’ve put it together for you here and add to it every day. I hope you find some useful information for keeping your pet’s healthy and happy. If you have something to share, whether it’s a pet recipe, great product or useful advice please let me know so we can share it with our pet community.

My criteria for products and endorsements
I go to a lot of pet product shows. My first criteria for reviewing a product is… Wow – that’s a cool product – I would buy that. My second criteria is having a chat with the booth personnel. Most of the time this is the owner because these are smaller companies and no one cares more than the owner/creator.

As a pet rescue advocate and writer I’m there to see who is receptive to donating something to rescue charity. I do not go empty-handed as I will write about their product if I like it so free publicity for them. I look for compassionate pet people with a great idea. As you can expect, it takes a while to sift through he thousands of products at these shows but there is always something innovative and well crafted to find.

Another criteria – if it’s food related, I’m only interested in the finest all natural human-grade ingredients. What the pet industry is allowed to get away with in terms of packaging and advertising is simply repulsive.

Like so many pet parents, I spend countless hours cooking for my pets [no commercial food for my guys], cleaning up after them, exercising them… well, really entertaining them. So, I’m looking for products that will make my life easier and save money but, more importantly, ensure that I’m giving my gang the very best opportunity to have a long, healthy, happy life.

Dr. Deva Khalsa’s Deserving Pets Vital Vities
Dr. Deva is a genius. I love holistic medicine and spend hours on the internet researching homeopathic remedies for pets and people. While many Vets claiming homeopathic skills just take a six week course, Dr. Deva has studied in China and India for months with gurus in ancient medicinal fields. As a Vet who grew a huge practice in Pennsylvania, she was able to meld eastern and western modalities to create extraordinary cures for the pets ins her care. She has helped save countless animals who were write-offs by others. I have used and recommended her vitamin powder for years – I have rehabbed sick animals I really didn’t think would make it and cured skin conditions, helped with infestations and internal organ issues. Vital Vities is a truly remarkable supplement and I would be shocked to hear anything different. If you want to avoid the Vet’s office this is the best investment you can make.

Designer Cat Box Enclosure
This is the brainchild of a lovely couple in California. They have introduced a whole new level of comfort and sophistication for people with cats, especially if you live in apartment or have limited space. No one loves seeing an open litter box… NO ONE loves seeing their dog or toddler exploring the cat box. No one really loves having a giant piece of carpet-covered wood covered in hair in their living room but we all do it. When I saw this elegant looking “trunk” at a show I, and every one else who walked by, was impressed. When I saw how practical it was for keeping the litter tracking mess contained, I was sold. They have given us several boxes to raffle in support of our charity and they always draw huge donations. When you see it – you want it. Great people, great product – that’s what I like!

Antlers. Finding something safe and healthy to chew that’s not gross. Again, here in Florida, pig ears and natural bones are a magnet for bugs and white carpeting doesn’t help my love of them either. Then there’s the cost. My guys will devour most natural chews in under an hour [or far less]. I met the AntlerChewz people at a trade show. They are a lovely married couple, one a nutritionist who developed the “life stages” concept to help dogs at different stages maintain dental health, and the other a fifteen year veteran in the antler business. They know their antlers. In addition to the “life stages” concept, I have found they’re also good for different chewing types as many dogs are just not aggressive chewers but can really use the health benefits of chewing. While not all dogs love these off the bat because they’re not sprayed with enticing chemicals or animal fat and are odorless, I’ve found a little coaxing goes a long way and once they get into the marrow they go nuts for them. It’s also pretty great to see them on my furniture {and bed and carpet} leaving no trace of slime. No two-fingered wrinkled-lip pickups necessary!