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Vital VitiesDog Testimonials

I LOVE the Deserving Pets Vitamin product for both our cat Lincoln and our Springer Spaniels, Jeter and Casey. Casey is 5 1/2. Jeter will be 11 in July. Over the last 3 or 4 years Jeter has had skin issues that have caused him to itch relentlessly. As a result of the crusty scabs that would develop he lost most of the long Springer feathers on his chest. We addressed it with lots of different types of holistic health treatments at the veterinarian. While it seemed to abate a bit it never quite went away until I began giving him Deserving Pets Vital Vitamins for Dogs. At the moment his coat actually shines,  (he does not need to advertise for Selsen Blue shampoo for dry scaly flaking skin) and all his feathers have grown back in. I also think he is having fewer seizures. Casey our other Springer has a gorgeous coat as well.

The other thing we have seen with both dogs is their stools are normal. Prior to using the Deserving Pets both dogs had very loose stools with mucous. Lincoln our cat who will be 21 this year dines on junk food (Friskies) no matter what we try to and have tried to feed him. I give him the feline Deserving Pets Vitamins every day and he is also thriving, patrolling the grounds and aggravating Casey and Jeter whenever possible! He also about 10 years ago nearly gave it up with kidney failure and has not been thriving since then. Either he is extremely ornery, or the Deserving Pets supplement is definitely compensating for his serious junk food habit and is giving him energy and a new lease on life!!!

Jane, Bill Jeter Casey and Lincoln!

I just wanted to write and thank you for developing the Deserving Pets Vitamins. I have five long-haired cats and two dogs.  OK, maybe I should have my head examined but I could have twice as many if I had the time and the money -and  they were all strays that needed homes anyway.  One of my cats Batman, likes to sleep in my mesh office chair and it honestly would look like fur on a real animal if I didn’t vacuum it for a week.  His brother Spiderman (aptly named) likes to crawl up my thick curtains.  He doesn’t really damage them too much but his long fur would shed out and stick to the curtains and the curtains are beige and he’s mostly black.  Needless to say, cleaning is a sort of night-mare as not only did I need to vacuum the floor but all the chairs and these beige curtains. ( the vacuum did a pretty terrible job and I have always been afraid to wash them.)

I heard about these Deserving Pets Vitamins on a Yahoo Group and that they would help with shedding.  My husband thought about it for a while and figured it would cost about what 2 dinners out a month cost for us to get all of our pets on them.  We opted to try.  After only two weeks, I thought I was imagining that the fur was less around the house.  They were certainly looking more shiny and my old dog had a new spring in his step.  My cats long fur always looked a little dull and I just thought that was the way it was supposed to look.  Now their fur seemed to shine from root to tip.  They all loved the vitamins in their food.

About a month or so after starting my husband walked to our computer chair and just stopped and stared at it for a while.  He called me over and asked me if I had just vacuumed it.  It had been a week and it was perfectly clean.  Well, we were so excited we went into this weird cleaning rage.  I got every single black hair off of those curtains and we crawled under things and moved furniture.

WE NOW HAVE A LIFE.  And the house stays clean.  And our cats look incredible.  And I’m not freaked out if someone stops by the ‘day before’ we used to need to vacuum for 2 hours cause the place looks just fine.  I think about what we all put up with cause we all love our little beasties so very much.  So thank you Deserving Pets, because I can enjoy life more, enjoy my house more and enjoy my little beasties more.  And my superhero cats are healthier too!

Marcy and Allen from NY and….( Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Lois, Little Miss Muffet, Tuftie,  Bert and Ernie.)!

When I brought my puppy back to visit her breeder, she was amazed at how beautiful her coat has become.  I put Lily on the food she recommended and we figured the only thing different that I did was the vitamin.  My breeder started using the vitamin, too, and she is getting the same results.  I’m new to holistic dog care but I’m really proud of how Lily looks and acts and also that I helped other dogs get in the same condition.

Maria, New Jersey!

My dog loves these vitamins so much that he runs to the refrigerator to wait for them at mealtime.  I think he wants to learn how to open the bottle himself   He has always looked forward to supper but now it has become a gala event.  I take him out for a long walk every evening and after a few weeks on this vitamin he has more energy and stamina and wants to keep playing even though he is much older than his buddies in the park.  I firmly believe the quality of his life has genuinely improved because of this vitamin.  This has made him happier in many ways – after 14 years he’s an important part of my life – so it makes me happy, too.  Thanks!

Frank, California!

My dog is one of the pickiest eaters you will ever meet.  So the fact that he loves the bacon and liver flavor blew me away.  I would never have bought them (would have thought them a waste) but my sister gave them to me as a gift.  She has three Labs and no lie cleans her floors twice a day.  Since her dogs have been taking the vitamins (about 6 weeks) the shedding has decreased dramatically.  So she gave me the vitamins and said to try them and I did and my dog is having benefits too – definitely nicer, softer coat and it smells better and feels cleaner.  He’s got more energy and you’re going to laugh, I know, but I think he’s got more going on in his head, too – like he’s thinking deeper doggie thoughts.  Also, the ear infection that never seems to go away is – guess what? – gone.  Thank you Deserving Pets!!!

Stacy, Rhode Island!

I have a four year old Golden Retriever named Shelby, who is the joy and love of our family.  Shelby has mild hip dysplasia.  At age 3 1/2, she started to show signs of pain and did not want to go on walks and stairs were a problem.  She also got depressed.  Shelby loves her walks, she would go for an hour in the morning and evening and both walk and jog so she was very active.   I had to get her well so I put her in Animal Rehab going 3x a week for four months doing the underwater treadmill.  My concern was my magnificent young dog has having so much trouble with her hips at such a young age and this broke my heart.  I stopped rehab and she began having trouble again with walks and stairs.  So I started acupuncture every two weeks and did prolotherapy along with a whole bunch of different nutritional supplements.

I was considering more extensive procedures to help her when I got the announcement that Dr. Khalsa had designed this new product called Deserving Pets Vitamins.  I immediately ordered it because Dr. Khalsa was my veterinarian when she was in Yardley and knew if it was her product it would be special.  My expectations were protection from disease and good overall nutritional support.   I got much more than I expected!

The first week Shelby was on it she showed signs of improvement and her depression lifted. She was spunky again and so happy.  The second week she was leaping in the car, walking on her 2 walks every day and steps didn’t even phase her… I also noticed her coat was so shiny.  She is now a picture of health.  We have not been back to the vets for acupuncture and I stopped the various holistic joint supplements and meds and just have her on Deserving Pets.  Thank you Dr. Khalsa for really caring for our animals and bringing this miracle product to our furry friends.


Ever since I started using VITAL VITIES for my dogs, (especially my dachshunds) their coats are very shiny and you could actually brush your teeth looking in them!  From a very happy and satisfied customer and happy consumers of the product.

Thank you, Kim and the gang!

I have a 12 and a half year old miniature poodle. I started him on Deserving Pets Vital Vities about a year ago. He just loves it! He loves all the different flavors. When I walk him in the park people will ask me his age and when I tell them he’s 12 1/2 they are totally amazed – they think he is a puppy. He’s so full of life, he’s playful, he’s so active, and the most important part is he’s healthy. Chad is more alert, playful and his coat has improved 100% since the vitamins. Would not stop it for anything. Chadwick would not let me……..thank you.

Archie & Chad!

My black Labrador Retriever shines with health and is the star of a local calendar. I take great care of my dog but when I began VITAL VITIES I saw an incredible difference in the coat. There must be something very healthy going on inside to have such an effect.

We all thank you, Mark!

Just to let you know that I am now a user of Deserving Pets. Our 14 year old dog, Misty, has really gained some pep and vigor since she’s been on Vital Vities and so has one of our other older dogs named Emmy. She also had her wire coat turn red again. This is a remarkable product. We also have a smooth Dachshund who had a lot of baldness on her body for several years with all medical tests coming back negative. After being on Deserving Pets, her hair has begun to grow back. I can hardly believe it. (Do you make vitamins for people that work as well as Deserving Pets?)


My white shepherd named Shafir is turning a year old in May and she has been on VITAL VITIES since she was a puppy. Her white coat is beautiful-it actually glows at night from lights on her in partial darkness. My older shepherd turned all white again and lost the yellowing in her fur after starting on VITAL VITIES.

Thank you, Sharon &Shafir!

The volunteers at the German Shepherd shelter were very impressed with VITAL VITIES. The dogs’ coats were much softer and shinier and there was less shedding. I saw how much the dogs liked the taste of the vitamins and I gave each one a scoop when I volunteered. One of the shelter dogs changed from a skinny frightened dog with matted hair and brittle nails to a beautiful, proud and well fed and supplemented German Shepherd who is now very much loved. People should really know the benefits of this very excellent supplement.


My GSD Beowulf is a shelter dog, an amputee (right rear foot) and is the sweetest and most noble canine imaginable. His good nature aside, he has medical issues from his time before rescue, has a very sensitive stomach, and is difficult to feed. The least variation in his diet will cause him to vomit. He eats a very high quality kibble, but the nutrient and protein balance in his food was concerning as well as the fact that he refuses vegetables or fruits and spits up vitamin supplements in capsule or pill form.

On the recommendation of canine wellness consultant, Dwain Hardwick, I tried Beo on the Deserving Pets Vital Vities for Dogs. He readily ate this supplement sprinkled over his kibble. His coat is beautiful, his eyes clear, and his acceptance of food substantially better.

Deserving Pets gets five stars!

My dog loves these vitamins so much that he runs to the refrigerator to wait for them at mealtime. I think he wants to learn how to open the bottle himself. He has always looked forward to supper but now it has become a gala event. I take him out for a long walk every evening and after a few weeks on this vitamin he has more energy and stamina and wants to keep playing even though he is much older than his buddies in the park. I firmly believe the quality of his life has genuinely improved because of this vitamin. This has made him happier in many ways- after 14 years he is an important part of my life- so it makes me happy, too. Thanks.


My dog is one of the pickiest eaters you will ever meet. So the fact that he loves the bacon and liver flavor blew me away. I would never have bought them (would have thought them a waste) but my sister gave them to me as a gift. She has three Labs and no lie cleans her floors twice a day. Since her dogs have been taking the supplements (about 6 weeks) the shedding has decreased dramatically. So she gave me the supplements and said to try them and I did. My dog is having benefits, too: definitely nicer, softer coat and it smells better and feels cleaner. He has got more energy and you are going to laugh, I know, but I think he is got more going on in his head. It is as if he is thinking deeper doggie thoughts. Also, the ear infection that never seems to go away is, guess what, gone! Thank you Deserving Pets.

Stacy, Rhode Island!

I have a 4 yr old golden retriever named Shelby…who is the joy and love of our family. At age 3 1/ 2, she started to show signs of stress due to her hips. She began skipping her walks, stairs were becoming an issue and she became very depressed. Shelby loves her walks. She goes for an hour in the am and an hour in the p.m. both hours consist of walking and jogging…so she is very active.  My concern was I had this magnificent young dog that was having so much trouble with her hips at such a young age and it broke my heart. I tried it all- rehab, acupuncture, herbs, everything and I was not happy with the results.

I got Dr Khalsa’s newsletter with her announcement of her new product Deserving Pets VITAL VITIES.  I immediately ordered it because I knew if it was Dr Khalsa’s product it was special. The first week she was on it she showed signs of improvement with her hips and her depression lifted. She was spunky again and seemed so happy. The 2nd week she was leaping in the car, walking on her 2 walks every day, and steps didn’t even phase her. I also noticed her coat was thick rich and so shiny. She was a picture of health physically and emotionally. =. Deserving pets is our miracle.

Diane, PA!

When I brought my puppy back to visit her breeder, she was amazed at how beautiful her coat has become. I put Lily on the food she recommended and we figured the only thing different that I did was the vitamin. My breeder started using the vitamin, too, and she is getting the same results. I’m new to holistic dog care but I’m really proud of how Lily looks and acts and also that I helped other dogs get in the same condition.

Maria, New Jersey!

I decided to try Deserving Pets VITAL VITIES for dogs with my Shetland Sheepdogs because I fed them a mixed diet to which I added various supplements, a bit of this and a bit of that. Of course, I was never quite sure as to whether the correct quantities/combinations were being achieved. However, the wonderful ingredients in the supplement powder meant that I could do away with all the other bottles and packets, knowing that the doges were getting exactly what they needed with just this one product. That has certainly given me peace of mind. As the dogs have no problem with the powder being included with their food, it obviously tastes as good as it smells. The added bonus is that the Shelties are now developing lovely, full coats and looking pictures of health. I am extremely pleased and confident with this product, and hope that the supply down here to New Zealand is going to be maintained.

Barbara, New Zealand!

Both my dogs are so much healthier since they started on your VITAL VITIES. Their itching and scratching was making my husband’s and my life (and their lives – if you think of it) miserable. Both my dogs smelled and had dry, flakey coats. After a few weeks on your supplement, they are just like new: shiny, healthy and happy. I’ve decided that life is more fun with healthy pets!

Ramona, Florida!

Hi! Just a note to say I gave the vitamins to all the dogs but Bailey (he is still on meds)…they just love them!!!! Gracie (the Great Dane mix) comes over to me and licks her lips like a cat for a long time… and wants more vitamins. I know it is the cheese flavor… it is so funny and cute…

LB, Florida!

Cat Testimonials

Cat Stories

I was lucky to receive some samples of the vitamins from my pet store. I just tossed the bag on the couch when I came in. A little while later I noticed Putinka (my nosey calico) pawing through my shopping and flipping this big bag around. I opened the bag and “Tinka” had her head in there before I could pull out the vitamins. Needless to say I had to put them under lock and key so she wouldn’t gobble them down. She was absolutely in love with the vitamins and all the cats licked their bowls clean when I added the vitamins to their wet food. It’s so nice to see my cats just love a supplement that’s so very healthy for them too!

Thanks so much Joan W.!

My cat Jasmine is so picky that I have to shop carefully for dry food that she likes. Then, after I do find one, she will decide that she does not like it anymore. I like to keep her on the healthier brands because she is prone to urinary tract infections and also since she does not eat much she might as well be getting good nutrition from what she does eat. The vet told me that she needed more liquid in her diet but she only eats dry food and will not drink water. I just started the vitamin in the hopes that it would help stop the infections. What I do want to say is that she LOVES the supplements- huge surprise for me. She has been on it for less than two weeks and her fur is so much softer and shinier.

Thanks. Andrea

I am truly thrilled with your product. First, let me say, I have tried pretty much everything out there to help my cat James loose stool -expensive probiotics, antibiotics for bacteria, other vitamins, you name it he has had it, Holistic and conventional.At first, I was not too sure about trying yet another product. To be honest, I did not think he would eat it and nothing else has had any visible impact in years. My cat has stools that have always been loose, mushy, and he would cry before pooping. I started very slowly with pixie dust amounts for both my cats and am now giving them each half a teaspoon once a day. Not only do they eat their wet food with your supplements mixed into them but – TA DAH! – formed poops that do not smell, are easy to pass, and a visibly happier kitty! Maybe it is the glutamine in your product. I have not tried that before. All I can say is it is just fantastic.

Charlie, Jamee, and Belle!

My two cats were in bad shape coat-wise. The youngest had completely lost his coat and had loads of blackheads on part of his tail where it would rub on the open window casing. No matter how many warm compresses and washings that area of his tail would not come clean and the blackheads seemed to just multiply. The elder girl had missing coat on her head, neck and spine. We’ve since started taking Dr. Khalsa’s Deserving Pet Vital Vities and WOW ! Skin on the elder female is no longer dry, she is no longer bald, her spine area fur is thickening and her neck fur is slowly growing. The young male is in “full” coat now! The blackheads have been falling out or coming out with great ease and the skin on the tail looks as if it’s self-cleansing. Their fur is “uber” soft and shiny. Needless to say we are very happy and highly recommend Deserving Pet Vital Vities.


This is one of the rare times I have sat down to write a letter of appreciation for a product. I have been doing rescue work with cats for almost 20 years and over the course of time have learned that the best and fastest way to get them to loving homes and into their new lives is to get them healthy and looking well, Wow ! What a difference this supplement has made! Rescue cats are often sick with respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, and stressed. My rescue cats are getting healthy on the inside and it shows on the outside with gleaming, shiny, sleek coats that just long to be stroked. This rescue work is very important to me and I feel like I am making even more of a difference in these cats lives now that I am feeding them the supplements. Thanks very much for this product.


I must have brought Scarlette to the vet at least every other month as she began to cry when she went to the litter box. I tried everything and then learned that the Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K1 in VITAL VITIES would help prevent the bladder crystals she was getting and the Cranberry, Blueberry, and Dandelion are really excellent at helping to prevent urinary tract infections. Scarlette has been fine for over 10 months now and I want to thank you. She hated the ride to the vet and it was really beginning to cost a bundle. Best of all she loves getting the VITAL VITIES and looks forward to them in her meal. I never thought a cat would like such a thing so thank you for figuring this all out for us.


My last cat died of Feline Infectious Peritonitis and I’ve been so worried about my two new kittens even though I waited awhile before adopting them. FIP seems to be able to pop up anytime. That’s why, after careful searching, I started them both on your VITAL VITIES. I’ve read so many good things about your product and I see you add L glutamine and extra Vitatmin C and lots of Vitamin D3 in your feline supplements. I can’t go through what happened to Mystic again. So I want the thank you because both kittens love it and they are getting all their vitamins and minerals and all the superfood, fruits and vegetables you have in there.

Frieda, Kansas City, Missouri!

It really sucks that we always outlive our pets. So I really wanted my Bennie and Gabby and Misty to be with me as long as possible. That’s why I get your VITAL VITIES – I want them to stay healthy and feel good and live as long as I can get them to. I take supplements, too, and I know that they help me stay in better shape. So thanks for making a supplement for pets that is good enough for humans. When I read how good it is for them I know it would be good for me too. Are you ever going to make one for people? I’d love it if you did.”

Pat, Allentown, Pennsylvania!

I was becoming increasingly frustrated because I knew that many diseases that I commonly treat in the dogs and cats that I see as a veterinarian could be prevented with proper nutrition. I believe in natural healing as much as possible for my patients. I want my patients to live healthier, happier lives – a longer life. We all know that good nutrition is critical for quality health and longevity.

Recently, one of my own dogs died of cancer. Of course, I experienced the same grief and pain just like you would if this happened to your dog. I know cancer doesn’t just appear over a short time period. Over the past few years it’s been shown that we need to protect our pets on a daily basis and that certain super foods contain special nutrients that have been proven to help prevent diseases like cancer.

That’s why I was so happy to learn about Deserving Pets VITAL VITIES – a preventive supplement that’s designed to do exactly what it says – prevent disease.I’m always looking for safe and effective ways to boost my patient’s health, immunity and resistance to illness.

But who wants to chase their dog and cat around every day to do force them to take a supplement? So I was delighted to learn that VITAL VITIES are made with an advanced scientific process that preserves their pure, human-grade ingredients. It’s like hiding total heath in a delicious treat. Dogs and cats love the taste of this healthy powder on their meals. It’s all made in the U.S.A. in an FDA facility, basically creating pure human vitamins designed for dogs and cats. It can’t get any better than this!

Anyone who cares about the health of their companion animals should be using VITAL VITIES every single day to fill in the dangerous gaps in their nutrition. What makes me happy is when your dogs and cats have a happier and healthier life even though it means I see them less.

Dr. Sharon Marx
VCA Animal Healing Center
Yardley, PA 19067

P.S. I give VITAL VITIES to many of my patients who have chronic diarrhea, skin and allergy problems, chronic bladder infections or crystals, arthritis, liver problems and chronic infections. Cats with Felv and FIV benefit from the formula for it has Vitamin D3 and L-glutamine for their immune systems. Older dogs and cats get a new bounce in their step and look years younger a few weeks after I start them on it. Lastly, it greatly reduces shedding and creates an incredible coat.

SeniorChewz Testimonials

Amazon rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous for older dogs,  July 19, 2012.

My two Corgi’s ages 7 and 8 love these. They last long enough to make them worth the money and help with their dental hygiene. I highly recommend them.

There are several things I like about this product, including that these are naturally shed antlers that are collected, cleaned, packaged and then sold without involving killing to get them. Somebody goes out and collects these and that is probably part of why they are fairly expensive, even on-line…I first found these in our local pet store…but forget about the retail price, (IF you can even find them,) the price at the pet store was twice what I found on-line, and the antlers were not nearly as large. None of the big chain pet stores carry these, at least not in my area so far. I ordered these through Amazon and was amazed and delighted that they arrived literally the next day.

That said, my dogs simply ADORE these things.

They keep my new, and very young 100# rescue lab busy literally for hours, but do not “slime” my floors or carpet, (or our bed or couch.) He loves to set one on my desk as an “offering,” which I actually don’t mind since they are VERY clean compared to all the more traditional bones, hoofs and chews.

Additionally, they double as a great “fetch” toy in the yard.

Essentially my guys just chew them down to the nubbin’s, but without any damage to my stuff. Highly recommend if you want a clean chew/toy that will keep your dog busy for hours without wrecking the party, and helps with tarter build-up on their teeth in the process.

By C. Jasper

Really a great idea, and a great product!

My dog is not a super aggressive chewer so I started with a PuppiChewz and have now graduated to a SeniorChewz and VitaChewz combo. She likes both and can really go to town on the Vita closed antler. I like that they’re clean and safe and I feel the best option for keeping her teeth and gums strong. My last dog had so many dental problems later in life.
Val, Tampa

My Yorkies are nuts for the mini disks. Think they have one in every room of the house now [my fault] and there’s usually one in my slipper – not so much fun – but a least they’re not goopy and not from China!

Diane, Boston!

Designer Pet Products Testimonials

We have 2 male cats and needed multiple cat litter boxes in a living area. This is wonderful when you have limited space. Love the staggered entryway, way, less litter on the floor and less odor in the air. Thanks for a great product.



Lily loves to lie on the catbox to keep an eye on us, or to perch on it and look out the window and do some bird-watching. And I? Love it because it is soo good looking!



This is a picture of my handsome kitty Salem Riley. Salem loves the multiple uses of the box. He can use the litter box as well as lounge. I love the look and the discretion it provides.



Sanders LOVES his Designer Catbox. My fiancé and I live in a 2 bedroom condo and didn’t have a good ‘out-of-the-way’ place for his original litterbox. The Designer Catbox is the PERFECT solution ….it looks great and is completely inconspicuous! Thanks!!



I love the Designer Cat box because it is such a unique way to hide the orders and ugliness of a litter box. I was afraid to get the Designer Cat box because Adrian is a very large cat. As you can see she loves it just as much as I do!



Here’s my cat Maisy sitting nice for me while I take of her picture on her Designer Catbox. The day I brought her home from the shelter she used it. I thought it am in the at-home pet care business and have been recommending it to all of my cat clients.



My cat Molly really enjoys laying on her new Designer Catbox. It’s a perfect place for her to get away from her little brother – Pirate the chihuahua. She used to track kitty litter all over the bathroom floor and now it’s been so nice to have it kept in this box.We love it! Thanks and meow (says Molly)!



This is a picture of my baby boy, Gambit. He loves to lay and play on his new Designer Catbox. He also does a lot on window gazing from the top of his box. I am so happy to have such a lovely inconspicuous place to put his litter box, and this was the perfect solution.