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The 21st Century is About Disease Prevention

What features would be most important for you and your pet? First, you’d want your dog or a cat to like the vitamins because we’d all hate to chase our pets around every day in order to give them a supplement. You’d appreciate a complete and balanced vitamin-mineral formula that had hearty doses of ingredients from quality sources.

You’re concerned about your pet’s common ailments and demand that the mix has ingredients that would assist them to both prevent and correct these problems.

You would want a cutting edge technology to mask any unpleasant taste or smell while preserving all the ingredients, keeping them fresh and potent. This is exactly what I’ve created in my VITAL VITIES for Cats and VITAL VITIES for Dogs. The icing on the cake, both literally and figuratively, is the human-grade, all-natural flavoring.

Rest assured, with so much brand new research available about nutritional deficiencies and how that affects your pet’s health you’d make sure your pet’s supplements were specifically formulated and specialized so that each species got exactly what they needed.

You know a supplement works when you see a difference in your dogs and cats. Superior vitality, shiny coat, clearer eyes and a more vibrant attitude.show you that the supplement is increasing health and well-being on the inside because it’s showing up on the outside.

The VITAL VITIES motto is ‘You won’t believe how good they look on the outside. They’ll sure know how good they feel on the inside.’

Made in the USA . Natural Ingredients

Our special technology protects VITAL VITIES powerfully healthy ingredients by preventing oxidation.

We are dedicated to making your pets the best they can be so they can enjoy their lives to the fullest.

From Dr. Deva

What I really love to do is make dogs and cats healthier. I love both my patients and ‘their people’. I experienced their pain when they came to see me, often from long distances, with their pets with serious diseases.

The thing is – health depends on good nutrition. It’s been proven that certain nutrients lower the risk of disease. I knew many of the health problems that I routinely saw could have been prevented with good nutrition. I knew something had to be done about it. One in two dogs in the United States is getting cancer now and that wasn’t OK with me.

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